Residential Electricians in Amarillo, TX

Don’t guess what’s wrong with your wiring! With our technology, equipment, and experience, we can pinpoint the problem in your home with minimal destruction. Our equipment allows us to test and locate the faults in your electrical system, so we can quickly find the problem and fix it.



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Home Wiring Upgrades

Is your home electrical system current, up to code, and safe?

If you have old wiring in your house, such as knob and tube (See Below), and it has been altered or modified by anyone other than a reputable company and a licensed electrician, it should be inspected for unsafe wiring practices. If you have unsafe modifications whether conventional wiring or knob and tube, you won’t know unless it’s inspected or until you have a fire. (See Below)


Problems or concerns about your wiring? Get it checked out by Chambers Electric, an electrical company with over four decades of experience. Our professional, licensed electricians can evaluate your electrical system and make it safe.

knob and tube

Original knob and tube wiring

unsafe wiring splice

Unsafe wiring splice



Hire a professional electrician to install your light fixtures, ceiling fan, and other interior electrical updates.

residential pool lighting

Professionally installed lighting around swimming pools, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting fixtures.

security camera

When you need to install a security system in Amarillo, TX, hire the licensed electricians at Chambers Electric.


Licensed electricians for kitchen remodel projects add a professional finish and install kitchen appliances correctly. Update your kitchen electrical system safely.


Beautiful updates to your home’s bathroom make an impressive impact. Our experienced team can update your bathroom’s electrical system, outlets, and fixtures.

electrical outage service

As a homeowner, don’t find yourself doing this in the dark. Call Chambers Electric for a licensed electrician to fix your emergency electrical needs.

Experienced Electricians for Your Home

For all of your home electrical needs, Chambers Electric is the professional electrician to call in Amarillo, TX. We offer full service options for:

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Electrical repairs

Emergency electrical service

Emergency electrical repairs

Service and panel upgrades

Electrical troubleshooting

Wiring and cabling

Electrician for remodels

Kitchen remodel

Bathroom remodel

Home remodel electrician

New construction

Recessed lighting

Install recessed lighting

install led recessed lighting
Kitchen lighting design

Ceiling light fixtures

Install light fixtures

Replace light fixtures

New light fixtures

Accent lighting